Use This Media Consent Template

Date: March 4, 2023

You work hard every day to change lives, and you deserve all the resources you can get to help you make a difference. 

A media consent form helps improve communication between the organization and those whose stories we are sharing.  Here's how media consent can help you:

  1. Building Trust: Respecting individuals' rights and obtaining consent builds trust and credibility with your supporters and customers, encouraging ongoing loyalty.
  2. Increasing engagement: Sharing success stories and testimonials through media channels reminds people of the difference they make and encourages continued support and referrals.
  3. Campaigns: Media consent allows you to feature powerful stories during campaigns, enabling potential donors and customers to connect emotionally with your work. This inspires them to donate or support your organization.
Lead Gen - Media Consent Form

Get the consent form above.  Enter you email information and you will be redirected to the template, where you can then "Download" or "Make a Copy" to share it to your own Google Drive so you can edit it for your organization.  Please note that we are not offering legal advice, and suggest you speak with an attorney to review your consent form before implementing.

Thank you for changing lives every day.

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