Nonprofit Marketing BrandScript Worksheet

Date: March 17, 2023

You're working hard. How often do you get asked "what do you do?"  Are you able to answer that in a way that connects with your audience and compels them to become a donor, volunteer, partner or customer?  What if every time you get asked that question, you can use it as an opportunity to gain a customer or donor and grow your brand?

Creating a BrandScript helps you clarify your message in a way that makes your audience the hero (main character). 

For nonprofits, when you can share what you do in a way that positions donors as the hero, more people will want to donate.

For businesses, when you can share what you do in a way that clearly shows the problem you help your customers solve, they will want to buy and experience the success you offer. 

Stories matter because they are the most powerful way to compel the human brain. 

What story are you telling? StoryBrand's BrandScript is a proven storytelling 7-part framework that helps you tell your story clearly and effectively. I've included this free resource which walks you through creating your own organization's story elements. Enter your email below and download it today so you can use it to see if your brand has a clear story!

Lead Gen - Nonprofit Marketing BrandScript Worksheet
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