Marketing Services

Invest in your brand so you can grow. Here are a few of the services we specialize in so you can take your marketing to the next level.
The story you tell makes all the difference between getting the donation or sale or not. Our Certified StoryBrand Guide is trained in a 7-part framework that has proven to increase engagement and revenue for businesses in any industry.
Strong companies are built on strong brands. That begins with your identity and messaging. We’ll help you craft the branding fundamentals that bring your company — and mission — to life.
You only have seconds to grab a customer’s attention with your website. Build a captivating, fully-functional site that makes the story of your brand irresistible.
Let us help you weave your story in a way that connects you to your customers like never before. Example of the videos we create include testimonial, brand, event, educational, animation, and explainer videos! Did we mention we can do drone footage?
Laying a Foundation for Growth
Broad Oaks Consulting and Solace Media have partnered to bring small to midsize nonprofits an affordable solution that strategically unites fundraising and marketing to help you grow and diversify your revenue streams.
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Annual Report
Supporters want to know why to invest in your organization. Give them an easy and visually appealing way to access and digest the information and stories they want. Sharing your impact is key to success.
Logo Design
When starting or rebranding, this is one of the first design elements you will need. Create a great first impression with a professional and easily recognizable logo that will distinguish you from other organizations.
Drone Footage
Add eye catching aerial imagery to your videos. We are licensed to shoot drone footage by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).
Graphic Design
From flyers, business cards, brochures, presentations, reports, banners, infographics, cards, social media posts…really any graphic design you need – our team has got you covered!
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Solace Media creates and deploys strategies that actually increase revenue and drive greater impact for mission-driven organizations.