Our Story

Solace Media was founded in 2013 to help mission-focused organizations make a bigger impact through their marketing. We saw a lot of for-profit and nonprofit organizations doing great work, but their marketing was holding them back from growing. Their missions deserved better. We knew they needed to increase revenue to be able to do more and dive deeper with their missions.

From startups to multi-million dollar organizations, we have guided our clients to create and deploy strategies that actually increase revenue and drive greater impact. We have developed brand identities for startups as well as done rebranding work for established organizations. We also do marketing a la carte for organizations needing engaging videos, new websites or graphic design work -- all the while, keeping in mind the goal of maximizing impact.

Your Investment Does Good

When you work with Solace Media, you are investing in the missions of nonprofits making a difference. We love giving back to the Rockstar nonprofits in our community. We also have a special place in our hearts for anti-human trafficking work because we believe all people should be free.

Our Values

Working with integrity is in our DNA. Here’s what that means for you:
Going above and beyond
Doing the minimal work to get a product done just isn’t our style. Every dollar you spend with us is an investment and we don’t take that lightly. We aim to deliver products that get you results.
Making your mission ours
Your mission inspires us to help you grow. We often get so invested that we start dreaming up ideas for you. We love building relationships with our clients while helping them make the world a better place.
Honest from the start
We’ve all fallen in traps where we get hit by a bill at the end of a service or product. We will lay out everything clearly for you so you know exactly what you’re investing in. No surprises here!
Solace Media creates and deploys strategies that actually increase revenue and drive greater impact for mission-driven organizations.
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