Is It Really Worth It?

Date: January 25, 2024

Your website may be costing you donations. What if it helped you raise more money instead?

I hear it often: “I know I should invest in a powerful website, but can I afford it? I've already invested in other marketing, and some didn't work out like I had hoped for.”

This is such a struggle: you need funds to get a new website, but you know that a dynamic website is one of the most powerful tools to raise more funds. Then you need to make sure that your investment will yield results because you can't afford to waste money.

Having a sub-par website could be costing you donations right now. So what do you do?

At Solace Media, we understand that marketing for many nonprofits is held back by budget constraints. This is why we have special nonprofit pricing.

We also understand that a lack of strategic marketing combined with a confusing website holds many nonprofits back from growing. It's why our mission is to help you achieve your mission with an effective website that is customized and works for you.

When you partner with professionals for your website, not only can you focus on your mission, but your marketing will reach a much bigger audience.

When you combine the power of story with the message of your organization, you inspire people to action. case study revealed storytelling can boost conversion rates by 30%.

How? At Solace Media, we help you write your story in a way that positions your clients and donors as the heroes. Then we help you create powerful websites, videos and material that incorporates your story and compels people to give and act. 

Let 2024 be the year your website works for you, bringing in more revenue than ever before and serving more people!

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