Shout Out to Christian Community Service Center

Date: September 2, 2023

I am so excited to give a HUGE shout out to Christian Community Service Center (CCSC) in Houston. We just helped CCSC launch its new website, and we are truly honored to have worked with such an incredible nonprofit. 

CCSC was ready to tell their story with a fresh perspective on a new and engaging website.

We worked with CCSC to help clarify their message and incorporated the proven StoryBrand framework on their website to captivate their audience. Now they have a dynamic website that inspires donors to give, and clients can easily get help.

I’ll be honest though - I’m a bit sad their website project is over because we had so much fun and so many great conversations working with their team. We’ve made great friends from great clients, and Roberta and I have learned valuable parenting advice - ask me about Wacky Wednesdays .

CCSC recognizes that so many Houstonians work extra hard to make ends meet but still struggle to meet basic vital needs for their families, like food, rent and electricity. Not only does CCSC provide emergency relief for when a crisis hits, but in the long term, their Workforce Development programs help job seekers gain skills, education and coaching to help them find work or higher-paying jobs.

Families no longer have to focus on survival and instead they can work toward building a better future.

CCSC not only has a wide variety of programs to help the financially vulnerable, but they do it all with such excellence. They recognize that each person is a unique individual with unique needs. They have interviewers that take the time to talk to each client to find out how they can best help them short term and long term. If there is a need CCSC cannot fill, they have a slew of resources to point the clients to that can get them the help they need. It's a concierge-style service for the financially vulnerable, regardless of their religious, ethnic, or cultural differences.

Check out their website today and help spread the word about CCSC.

Thank you CCSC for making a huge impact on the Houston community!

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