Surprise Yourself: Don’t Let Doubt Dictate Actions

Date: August 24, 2023

Just recently, I decided to train for a 5k again. A couple of weeks before the race, I started having pain in my knee. Frustrated by all the hard work I had put in and worried I wouldn’t be able to hit my goal, I got discouraged. I kept up with the plan as much as possible, but had to do more walking than running.

Race day came, and I went in not expecting much since I had been having so much pain. But guess what? I ended up running way faster than I even thought I would originally! I finished the race, crushed my goal and felt great! I totally surprised myself.

You’re on a mission to change the world through your organization. You have a plan, you follow it, and yet so many things happen that are not part of the plan. You skillfully search to adapt as needed, yet sometimes it feels that the unexpected and setbacks are more than you can handle. You’re hit from so many directions that some days you just want to give up; you feel the plan is not working.

I want to remind you that your plans for marketing, strategy, and growth combined with hard work and persistence are moving you forward, even when you don’t see results immediately. The moments of doubt and setbacks are the very building blocks of expertise and resilience that will pay off when you need it most. 

The effort invested today lays the foundation for the triumphs of tomorrow.

Don’t let doubt dictate actions. Instead, channel it into determination. You’ll surprise yourself.

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