From Boomers to Zoomers: REAL Values and Marketing Strategies

Date: April 2, 2024

In your mission to make the world a better place, does your marketing also have a REAL impact? As Boomers advance further into retirement and their numbers decline, creating meaningful connections with the rising Millennials and Gen Z is a non-negotiable for the longevity of any nonprofit or business. With the evolving preferences of these generations, we know that our strategies must adapt accordingly.

You’re probably well aware of today’s dominance of digital and social media. Guess what? Your competition is too. So given the saturation of postings on social platforms, you need more than mere presence to stand out. You need to know your audience and their values to establish a relationship with them.

Here are some of the REAL values for Gen Z and Millennials and how you can integrate them into your mission-driven marketing efforts:

Representation: Inclusivity and Diversity

Younger generations want to see themselves represented in the media they consume. They’re more likely to support brands that reflect the diverse world around them.

Ethical and Meaningful Practices

study published in the Journal of Managerial issues (2023) found that while all employees seek meaning in their work, different generations define meaningfulness differently. Millennials tend to focus on serving others and seeing lives improved, while Boomers tend to focus on helping others achieve and reach personal goals.

Authenticity and Transparency

This demographic is more likely to support organizations that are honest and open about their products and processes, demonstrate a commitment to values that align with their own, and take stands on social and environmental issues.

Laser-Focused Personalization

“It’s like they know me!” one might say. And it’s true. With the advancement of AI and technology, personalized ads and recommendations are no longer a luxury but have become the expectation.

Are your marketing efforts grounded REAL enough to connect with the next generation? It’s not just about being seen anymore. It’s about connecting, genuinely. We’re talking about sharing stories, values and actions that matter to generations.

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