Twelve 11 Partners

Freedom isn’t just about surviving. It’s about thriving! Twelve 11 believes that every survivor has the God-given potential to thrive in freedom, and every individual deserves access to life-changing resources.

Kathy, Founder of Twelve 11 Partners, hoped to share an impactful video at their first big fundraiser. She planned to share a little bit of her own story, the leadership stories of a few survivors, and the impact that Twelve 11 has had on their lives.

Was it possible to share about the issue of human trafficking while being inspiring, protecting and providing hope at the same time for those served and for the donors? It was!

Using ethical storytelling, we were able to capture the powerful stories of these incredible women. The production team worked with their schedules so that the footage was taken when the survivors were being shown as leaders in their community.

We had the privilege of capturing their stories and filming them where they are today - thriving in life in their workplace, encouraging and walking alongside other survivors, inviting donors and partners to join in the work so no survivor has to walk the freedom journey alone.

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