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As an emerging nonprofit, TrueWorks faced a host of opportunities and challenges. Not only did they dive all in helping re-enchant the Houston workforce through their transformational programs, they actively pursued the flourishing of Houston through TrueWorks Day, an event that welcomed all willing to contribute solutions to Houston’s most pressing challenges. With a mission to connect with a wide and diverse audience, TrueWorks knew it was crucial to get their story right early on. We were thrilled when they partnered with us to write their story. With their one-year anniversary at hand, they desired to showcase their story in their first impact report. TrueWorks made a strategic decision to ensure their messaging resonated across all the avenues through which they impact our city, laying the foundation for their future success.

TrueWorks - we applaud you for all you are doing to re-enchant the city we love and helping it flourish.

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