Pull for Progress

Providing relief to Burkina Faso, which is facing one of the worst humanitarian crises in the world

Pull for Progress was founded to provide the torn country of Burkina Faso with basic needs everyone should have access to - food, healthcare and safety. As terrorism, instability and corruption grew, so did the need for resources. Pull for Progress needed a new website with powerful messaging to increase their donor support. They had connections and systems in place to make a powerful impact, but the world needed to know how big the crisis was and how supporting Pull for Progress was a credible investment.

After crafting their story and creating their new, dynamic website, Pull for Progress is able to focus more time on their mission because they have a StoryBranded website that is working for them. Through professional design, they are able to showcase their impact skillfully, leading to enhanced credibility and stronger connections with donors. We have had the privilege of also writing fundraising appeals which raise money to help the people in Burkina Faso experience relief.

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