Clothed By Faith

Clothing Our Neighbors With Hope and Dignity

When we learned about Clothed By Faith, we were inspired by the work they do, demonstrating God’s love through the provision of clothing. When they approached us, they struggled to share their story in a way that was clear, consistent and effective, showing how they are unique - offering dignity and hope through strategic partnerships with schools and other nonprofits. Their mission was compelling, yet they needed a narrative to match it. Through surveys, research, and first-hand insights, we were able to craft their compelling story in a way that draws donors, volunteers and the community to partner with them.

Armed with their new messaging guide, Clothed By Faith now has powerful scripts they can use on their website, social media posts, newsletters, donor appeals, grants, fundraising campaigns, and in day to day conversations that showcase the people they serve (and sometimes the donors and volunteers) as the heroes and Clothed by Faith as the credible guide. They can now confidently share their impactful story, inspiring partnerships to help more Houstonians be clothed with dignity.

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