How a StoryBranded Website Can Help You Grow

Date: April 4, 2023

I hear it quite often: "When we get more revenue, we'll get a better website."

But what if you made the investment now so you could grow your revenue, sales and donations faster?

Without a website strategically designed with your story in mind, you risk:

  • Confusing visitors about your message - what do you actually do and how do you help?  If your message isn't clear on stating the problems that people face and how you can help, they will disengage quickly.
  • Making visitors dig and search to get the information they need such as how to donate, purchase, or get involved.  People don't fully read websites anymore - they scan for what they want.
  • Discrediting your organization by not looking professional or not having a great user experience, people may not want to invest/donate and clients may not want to engage.
  • Positioning yourself as the hero rather than making the donor, beneficiary or customer the hero and yourself the guide who will help them.

Investing in a StoryBranded website has been proven to: 

  • Clearly communicate your message in a way that compels visitors to support and take action.
  • Build trust with visitors so they want to engage because you come across as credible.
  • Turn visitors into donors or customers, so you can grow your budget and your impact.

Position your audience as the hero so they commit long-term.

What is a sub-par website costing your brand today? Check out our StoryBranded websites and schedule a call today to learn how we can create a StoryBranded Website for your organization!
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